grateful and normalcy

 i am grateful for my son Tommy who is a very unique and
introspective young adult and is using his 2 weeks vacation
to help out with lifting and moving furniture and
hauling fence posts and buying me ice cream

 i am grateful for the beautiful lakes in the southeastern part of
this province, namely Yorkton area.  My favourite lake is still
Duck Mountain Prov Park and then Good Spirit Prov Park.  The Duck Mountain
beaches were gone due to the flooding but the water was still clear and a lovely temperature to swim in

 my mini golfing times are very minimal however we golfed the
18 holes here at Duck Mountain as it is a beautiful new mini golf course with
water fountains and rock and was fun and of course my son
beat me by 4 shots!

there are some grateful posts written up on facebook and I thought I 
would write mine here

I am wanting a normal non-moving lifestyle back soon, but not yet as we still
have a little condo furniture and the kitchen to move here to Yorkton yet 

the moving boxes are mostly gone and recycled at Sarcan but there is always a box I bump into
and not sure where the  things in it will go...I have so many photo albums and old pictures and old
framed pictures...sounds like a project someday?

Grateful for my husband Brian for being such a handy man around this new place because we are
noticing some plumbing problems in one of our sinks (several trips to good old Canadian Tire he has made!)  it will take a few months to get it all sorted out and then maybe a couple of more years after that too!

I am grateful for my health as I keep moving around and have minimal issues with my back and neck
and I have lots of energy.  

I am grateful that I retired from my good old career in the credit union system and that I have a pension which is
finally going to kick in pretty soon!

grateful?  you bet!

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