rockin' the fencing family project

this is a family project and the fencing has gone better than we thought!
Mantracker's deadline was Sept 1, however four gates are yet to be attached and
the 3 wires are being tacked and completed today (working to beat the rain)

Tom had brought his chest waders and went into the slough areas of the fencing perimeter.  There are 2 sloughs and he could easily go in and pound missing fence post and attach the wires that we couldnt get at last weekend  Seems that in this area rain and sloughs are something to get ahead of if you can!  


Zach Thalman said...

That fence looks like it took all day to set up. I am hoping to just get a chain link fence for my house. I just need to get my property fenced off because the dogs tend to get out. I hope it doesn't take too long to get set up.

Zach Thalman |

Donna said...

Hey Zach...we put nearly a mile of fence up and fence posts and wire was used as we have 3 horses. It took us 2 weeks..its a big project and we are done now. Hope you like your new fence and your dogs will be safe.

thanks for your comment! have a good one!

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