Bruschetta and the trail ride

trail riding is nothing but fresh air and sponging up the sun (which we were blessed with all afternoon) 
I rode a buckskin who is 7 years old and Mantracker and Morley trained her.  They call her Bruschetta
 taking our first break

she walked briskly and anxiously at first as she
had been on trail rides only with her trainers
all the new horses were pretty exciting for her
but there never was any sign of buck or bolting away
she is a beautiful trotter and lopes easily and only
if I encourage  the loping.  She was a bit of a princess
and I enjoyed riding a new horse as it checks me on my watching the horse cues from
her and my messages to her.

to keep her relaxed I just leaned back and pushed my
heels down and it slowed her down.  She reacts well to just leg pressure which
was a treat for me. Did not need too much reining.

Mantracker took all these photos so it was good to get me in the photos more.  I like to see how I am riding and if I am sitting relaxed with good posture.

Until the next ride which will probably be at the spring trail ride in April!

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