horse shelter and colt pen

We just got our custom built run-in horse shelter today and we are happy with the construction of it
the horses have not walked into this shelter as yet (ha ha) may have to lead them in and show them it is for them.  They might figure it out eventually too.

My husband the Mantracker has spent hours and hours out here building acres of fence and
just recently completed this round pen corral.  We have 2 new colts to bring in eventually and also
we will be advertising that he will train horses 2 years old and older.  It is a dream my hubby has
been working toward for a few years!  We need the round corral for working with these
young colts to get them started for saddle and riding.

Our son and I have helped with this fencing when needed but the credit mostly
goes to Mr. Mantracker himself!  proud of him!

to create a new ranch property takes planning and a bit of a dream and goal in mind
 We have had some challenges but nothing that could not be solved.

ready for winter and ready for some training of new colts!

I like the red on buildings too!

1 comment:

Tommy Kirk said...

Oh wow dad was serious about the red, just because I saw it in my vision haha

I can hardly wait to see the barn.

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