I still wonder

hunting season is coming to a close
do not ever think that I have forgotten my son Graham
as I know that it looks as if I have moved on and I have
but I have learned to keep calm and carry on

a friend told me a few years back that when she lost her son
in a tragic end that her perception of the world she once viewed upon
had tilted and that is the way it is for me

miss and wonder how things would be with Graham
still here and being 29 years old.  What would he be doing
and what would his healing from the adolescent stage after high
school to today have been like?

I guess I always will have that mystery and that chapter to
write and rewrite and I can even have some great stories of
his ups and downs, small joys, funny adventures and keep remembering that
face that shines brightly, just as in this photo below.

{Ty, Morley, Brian and Graham
the hunters back in the day...}


LMWIEBE said...

Thinking of you Donna.....what great memories, they are what keep us going 😊.. Lovely pic!

Catherine said...

Sending you good thoughts my friend!
xo Catherine

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