my shoulder malfunctioned this last week
and I am heading to my NUCCA appointment on Nov 16
just had an acupuncture treatment yesterday
it has helped.  It seems since my trail ride Oct 25 and my Aquacise
classes this last month has not been liked by that injury of mine that
forms a lump on my neck.  My neck and inbetween my shoulder blades is
TIGHT (like it feels like you are touching a bone not a neck muscle)

so heat and ice and neck stretches and yoga stretches and
shoulder rolls until I get to my appointment on the 16th.
(i stretched while fencing this summer alot)

What a gift my injury is?  It keeps me humble so when I start having
too much fun and getting in shape WHAM ...back at ya girl!

I use NUCCA a few times a year as it has benefited me greatly with my injury
I can still horse ride and yoga.  But it does not like me doing laps using the front crawl and Aquacise with those weights and moving arms up and down while jogging.  NUCCA website where I receive my salvation and it keeps pain at zero most times and only may need a massage 4 times a year if that; has been the best way to heal my injury these past 3 years.  You have to stretch, yes, you have to have fun, yes and then you go back to your NUCCA doctor and she/he checks your alignment of your shoulders to
see if the treatment holds.  You do not always get an adjustment when you go.  If you are still balanced according to their equipment readings then you know you have maintained the treatment.

It started out with once every 6 weeks I would drive to Calgary and be checked on how
the treatment is holding up.  Now I go once a month in Regina.  The NUCCA doctor M. Hopf is her name and she comes into
Regina once a month on a Sunday as the Saskatchewan patients are pretty high numbers and she wants to start her own practice here.

I remember this photo of me stretching a few years back, this was before I learned
things about necks and shoulders.  I can actually do this stretch without pain in left rotator now.

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Tommy Kirk said...

Just letting you know, your homeopathy does not permit acupuncture, I would talk to Dianna about that.

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