Thunder is my name-o

 this cute black "untouched" 2 year old was dropped off yesterday at our
training centre

they called her Thunder because she was born in a thunderstorm.
She has never been touched by a human so there is training to be done
by Mantracker.  This is exciting for her and for us.


katrina lauren said...

Well this is just so exciting! First hands to touch and teach her! Maybe a Jonathan Field clinic in your future...I wonder if he ever does any in Saskatchewan? You and my Mom should take one together!! I'll watch!

Donna said...

Hey Katrina
it is exciting and I am sure Jonathan Field would have this horse attached to him already. its only been 3 days and she is making 2 steps towards Brian now and then stops ...slow baby it would be great to take a clinic this year except you should join us instead of watching?

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