10 things I like about Christmas

10.  buying gifts for my son.  He is spoiled I must admit.  Only child makes for too much love!

9.  playing my piano with the songs "Oh Holy Night" and "The War is Over (John Lennon) are my absolute favourites. This is the only time of year I really play the piano (unfortunately) and it is very relaxing if I get stressed out over the silly pressures of the season.

8. going to the community Christmas concert where the community orchestras and community choirs perform for the city and surrounding communities.

7. Watching the Women's Celtic Christmas special on TV on PBS

6.  walking into home decor specialty retail stores, The Plum Tree, Frozen Cactus, Kokopellis in SC and Yours Trulee in SC.  These places sure give me an uplift just walking through them and especially at Christmas time they do up the displays beautifully.

5. I do love making a hot punch like a Cranberry Log or Apple cider and have it on the stove for people to dip into.  This year I hope to have a hot drink from Jamie Olive'rs TV show with apple juice, ginger slices, orange slices, water and a splash of rum.  Very medicinal too!

4. picking out a tree.  A real tree.  This is a tradition in our family. Always a real tree.

3. Picking out the wrapping paper.  I don't particularly like to do the actual wrapping though.  I do like getting creative with the bows or name tags.

2. Deciding where the tree will be placed in the house as I change it sometimes.  It is upstairs this year in the living room in front of the big window.  Next year it could be in the basement or in a corner spot in the living room.

1.  LIGHTS! LIGHTS! very important to have lights outside somewhere.  If I could put lights around the deck each year I would (my hubby has to be encouraged and I have to have the plan in action for him to hook up on that project)

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Catherine said...

So many wonderful Christmas 'likes'!
Wishing you and your family a most joyful Christmas filled with Peace and Love my dear friend!
xo Catherine

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