Cards and Candles and Comments

Another Christmas day is over and the card sharks were busy playing round the
table as usual.  Tom was the winner this Christmas.  A very favourite pasttime for Grampa and his grandson.  Rummy is the game and a bit of crib too!

An honourable mention goes out to Tom as well this year as his gifts were so fun and so appropriate for all of us
that his spirit of gift giving made it a very fun time around the tree!

 Also the Kirk family candelabra was lit while eating our dinner and kept the ambience of fancy dining.   (Love lighting candles at the table while dining)

Things said around the table and things said before the dinner and things
said after.....

My Dad was pretty spectacular on Christmas Day.  He said the most beautiful
heartfelt grace before we sat down.  He always speaks his grace so fast that we don't know what the prayer is.  On this holy day my hubby put him on the spot and asked him to say grace.  Well it was very slow and thoughtful and clear! (a moment for sure)

I also cooked a huge turkey and my dad carved the turkey very patiently as he does
every year.  It still amazes me that he can do that so well still at the age of 85.  We all love it
when he carves because no one else wants that job.!

 After supper and the Chinese gift exchange was done there was a quiet time in the room.  Well my mom said "oh please someone say something" (she cannot stand it when no one talks).  My niece Jaida, said "Your beautiful Grandma"..... well Gramma was taken aback for a moment and then said thank you.  I thought it was an angel that came out with that compliment.  (special)

These were my moments and I wanted to get them written somewhere to remember the day as I remembered to send an angel to each and everyone of my family joining us at my house.
Christmas time has challenges relationship-wise (if you know what I am saying) but because it is a time for peace and hugs and wishing season greetings I wished each one an angel to make the day calm and fun!

keep on lovin' and huggin!

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