Pet Connect

How is our 2 year old mare "Thunder" making it ?  she has been with us 9 days and
she is making some really great positive moves to connect with Mantracker.  She is learning to trust him.  The weather has been so cold this last week and now it has warmed up and sunny again so he is spending more time with her yesterday and today.  She is so black and her fur so velvet that I can hardly wait to be able to rub her neck and back.

Also....We are babysitting my brother-in-law's dog "Storm".  She just arrived this afternoon
and is feeling a little lost.  She has never stayed here with us and she follows me around the house alot and is now in her little bed.  

So we now have  a"Thunder Storm" going on around here now!  ha ha!


have a great week!

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