dharma is

my dharma is?  well first off dharma means purpose of life.  Okay so my purpose is (and I will state this as simply as I can)

writing and storytelling

there it is!  I am creatively sharing and writing on this website and have been since Jan 2008.  Almost 7 years.  I write and take pictures because it is extremely enjoyable for me and i would like to do more of it. Creating in my art room is my process room and not necessarily anything worth presenting in a craft or trade show venue.  

student of the horse 

there it is!  another purpose!  I have lived almost a year without horses around me 24/7 and I hated it! These animals are so grounding.  I will always be a student and having a relationship with a horse is almost better than any other kind of relationship I have encountered.

This has been difficult to surmise what my purpose is and once I kept myself true and genuine and grounded with my self I realized that I am basically here to share and learn.

my dharma (purpose) is very heart-centred and joyful to me!

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