I will be an artist at 60

I struggle to make simple art
I want it to be fun and bright
I think that if I make a few strokes that
it will be simplistic looking
...wrong... the detail and strength of colour is
needed and patience....
So I am following this
here is a sample of her art and I truly love this kind of
face painting.  So fun and colorful.  I think this is pastels, which are soft
and smudgy and more forgiving.  I call her art Naive Art. (child-like, fun, bright colors)

just doodled this today and I followed her first 2 days of e-course art this was
so spontaneous and I admit I wanted to do a face and didn't know what my egg circle shape
was going to look like today.  I only had 10 minutes and then the timer stops and you are done!

above:  water color pencils only

water color paint and copying an object (not as interesting and not as much fun) 
done in winter 2014

attempted this in October
horses are tricky and the eyes are difficult to get right let alone
everything else.  I have fun with the mane though.  

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