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receiving and giving
which is harder?
it depends as I know people who do not like 
to receive anything but like to be more givers.

you really cannot give if you cannot receive.  (think about it, it is deep)
it means that alot of us are not comfortable receiving compliments, gifts, admiration from others
it is important to let others be the giver.  It is a 2 way street as far as I am concerned.
Christmas is giving and receiving and talking and listening, praising and non-judging.  
Kind of special to me.

expressing honest appreciation and we must never pretend appreciation, but if we feel it we must express it.  This new horse called Thunder was untouchable up until a few days ago.  Mantracker called the pasture manager down the road who is also a farrier and has spent his life working with horses.
Thunder needed to be roped and roped gently but firmly so she could learn that the touch of a
human is not terrifying.  We are so appreciative of him coming over on his own time
and it took him 30 minutes max and he was rubbing Thunder's face and neck and back.
it was amazing to watch.  We learned an awful lot in those 30 minutes!

thanks Cliff (our community pasture manager) for your expertise.

 i just liked this photo because of the black horse and the
 red horse shelter and a bit of white snow.

 the young horse  brings a youthful vigor to our place and it is exciting.
it keeps me in the "present" and the moments for this horse is always in the now and what's in it for me.  Training, as I am sure Mantracker would agree keeps you  always in the present moment because that is all there really is when a communication and closeness is learned and it is how we relate and communicate well when, in this case, we want to keep this horse focused.

Here is Storm, our charge this last week while owner's were holidaying in Mexico
The only imperfection this dog had was she snuck a couple of ornaments off the tree and tucked them under the coffee table.  I noticed them when we got home from dropping her off.  Ha I had a good chuckle.  She could sure fly through that snow fast too.   That was funny to watch!

that is the musing post for today.

keep grounded and safe this week!

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