Scents and Spirit

We bought a Christmas Tree today and we put it in the tree stand and added water
but the smell got very bad and it was the tree.
We had to put it outside  I couldn't believe it!
It was a Noble fir

I went back and got another tree and no smell.
It is a lovely fir tree with a beautiful scent. (see below)

it was mentioned on FB from someone that this had happened to them and that the bad smell
on a real Christmas tree could be protestors who spray live trees
to make them smell bad and only when they are warm in your house
does it start to stink.  They want to discourage people from buying
live trees.  What next? !!!! 

keep the spirit!


Catherine said...

I'm glad you went and got a nice smelling tree Donna! LOL! It would be hard to enjoy the beauty of a Christmas tree with a strange 'funk' in the air!

So pretty!

xo Catherine

Tommy Kirk said...

Buying live trees is actually good for the forests as we are removing any excess trees to reduce stress and fire hazards. Those protesters obviously need to read a book.

I would go and get your money back for the first tree.

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