3 rascal tails

We went to see the 3 colts that we half own with Mantracker's buddy out around the
Spy Hill area;
we brought them in from the trees and deep snow area out on the 1/4 section of land and
gave them some oats and "frisky foal" nutrition feed (for young horses under 12 months old only)

I took this picture because they were so busy
with there heads down and butts and tails is all I got
plus it was cold out!  I didn't want to stand around and wait
until they were done.

so the butt end to this post is
you have to eat to stay warm and you gotta
share the wealth and these 3 rascals seem to be sharing their feed quite nicely.

Can't wait to watch them and play with them a bit this summer.

I don't even have a butt joke for you!

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