shoulder mantra

Im not in alot of pain's just annoying ..
" I am writing to release the tension in my neck muscles and collarbone muscles and pecs and the muscles around the pecs and collarbones   Release all my feelings and uncomfortableness in my energy that has caused this tension and this painful immobilization on the left arm.  I am releasing all the tension in my head  I am releasing the scalp and skull muscles that form around my head and that is holding all of 2014's changes and annoyances.  I am no longer able to hold that year of tension in my head and neck  It no longer serves me to do this.  I am allowed to nourish my muscles in my scalp and my shoulders.  Clear, release, clear the bad energy."

The scalp muscles and pectoral muscles are releasing.  I am allowing my body and my scalp and skull to re-energize.  It is okay to let go now  I am allowed to nourish my head and scalp and pec muscles.  Breath and it will go away slowly.  Breath and all is good now


those 3 treatments are what work for me as a UNIT.  All three must be kept on my payroll to
keep me doing the things I love and to erase and ease any immobilization and pain from the area

I am still working on releasing the shoulder and arm malfunction which means I am not able to
lift the left arm without support from my other arm at present. I am functioning well with it lately because the pain is gone from the tip of my shoulder joint.  The tightness has stayed mind you

anyone else out there with a similar problem?

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