Artist Way at Kirkville

A creative surge has embraced our place this holiday season
Tom has taken up paper mache and is making
large mache animals!  very cool! He has been working on this in SC for a couple of
months and brought his art studio with him to finish up.

I think this is a creative way to get through winter and work through things in our
mind or at the very best to help forget things that bother you, I know it helps me to paint and write so Tom has really taken on a project here as the body and legs and feet are being worked on now
So satisfying to see him get this hands-on and bold about art!

Art is outside too and a walk through this
community pasture across from our acreage
is very interesting.  It goes on for miles and there
is a large lake in here as well.  (canoe and me and an extra paddler - yup!)

Art is everywhere and to hide the creative beauty
in us and around us is a loss we forget to take a photo or draw or write
or paint about.

ha!  the ghost of....

The cold weather has me bundled up in my "Value Village" $25 down-filled
coat and hood and neck warmer and toque and when the sun is shining and sky blue
the cold seems starkingly georgous to witness and is worth venturing out upon.

Happy 2015!

here is a poem written from the famous "Rumi" poet called

Just Do It

who can find a trace of you?
There isn't even a bit of dust from your track
who could find your home?
You have no home.

How can I praise you?
what can I say about you?
Foam is the only form in the sea of meaning.

A great, unseen town
lies just behind that curtain.
Our world is nothing compared to that.

Don't lower yourself.
Don't knock on every door.
You yourself are what you are looking for.

O heart, raise your tent up to the sky.
Don't say "I can't".
Sure you can. Just do it.


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