proud of

 I am proud of.............

1. the 21 year career i retired from at the credit union
2. the 2 boys I raised
3. my lifeguard bronze medallion
4. teaching myself and working with my husband to learn to ride horses
5. my canoe and paddling adventures
6. attaining my grade 6 piano
7. the handmade soap i make
8. my marriage
9. my dancing
10. nurturing my connections with long time friends
11. my son Tom
12. walking 30 minutes a day
13. managing my diabetes
14. singing in a choir
15. acting in 2 musical productions
16. my public speaking
17. writing hand written cards/notes to keep closely connected to loved ones
18. my blog
19. my photography
20. my vulnerability when I write
21. my drawings/paintings
22. my bravery
23. crazy character
24. my humour
25. ballet picture I bought at an auction 29 years ago
26. energy therapy training
27. attaining my level 3 Healing Touch Certificate
28. my massage table
29. my tan-easy skin
30. what adversity has taught me

I need to get up to 100.....

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