thunder is a wonder

training is going so well
Mantracker has been working with her most days when weather
is not too windy.

She is now carrying a saddle. walking on a noisy crinkly sounding scary old

here are some training pictures

 wearing a halter (no prob)

 she will let me come up to her at anytime and let me pet her
and rub her back and neck
 I just love horses...
here she is going over the noisy tarp

 walk on and over tarp again
 saddle is on
 leg up first time
 halfway up 
 rub her neck to let her know it is okay
for Mantracker to be on her - she finally thought that this
was okay
 keep getting half way on for practice
will post pics once she is able to take someone riding her around
the pen

Ben, with the kind brown eye and moi!  horse smell is awesome (love)

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