a stronger valentine

keeping my heart red and strong
for Valentines
walking 20-30 minutes 6 days a week
taking Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract for cholesterol health
changing my lifestyle and foods to lower cholesterol
my blood sugar is under control with Metformin
I have been taking high blood pressure medication for many years ..
this all adds up to a program to reduce my risk of heart disease

When I got to Yorkton and we were getting settled in I noticed my blood sugar was erratic and my digestion of foods
was not good.  I went to a new doctor and signed up with her as my family physician,
I am now being checked regularly every 3 months for good blood lab results.

a heart healthy sip of wine at bedtime is good too (perk)
i get a bottle of free wine when I assist my friend in
bottling her wines.

My shoulder/neck is much better and I have persisted every morning with
my shoulder rolls (Alexander).  It was very difficult and  shoulder stiff while doing these shoulder rolls but I went slow and stopped every time it stabbed a sore muscle at me.
I am doing yoga leg stretches and a quarter downward dog pose every day
and I attend a basic flow yoga class once a week.

This is the best phase in my life and I want to 
enjoy it!


Tommy Kirk said...

Nothing beats having a legitimate excuse to drink red wine right? ;P

Donna said...

well I suppose it is a good excuse and the wine is free so why not? lol!

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