relief soon

dry hacking cough started Friday and has continued
up to today,
dry cough relief syrup every 6 hours is helping
I cough from the bottom of my gut
the days are long sitting around
our holiday starts on Saturday
we fly out to Fort Worth TX at 8 in the morning
I am going to be much improved in 4 days (fingers crossed)
packing ahead of time is a first for me
and it is much easier to put it together
at the end, as long as I don't change my mind
on Friday.   No that won't happen what I have
out is what is going in the suitcase!

(This is Halee and she is ready for a holiday!)

That week I worked in the floral shop must have been
the little bug that grabbed me being around lots of
people and working in the back room where the temperature
was cooler

I have a new art room desk, it is a drafting or architect's desk; it can be elevated
at different angles if I wanted.  I like it just as a desk.

see ya after my Texas trip!

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