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I am sitting on a bleacher at the Flexihall at our Gallagher centre here in Yorkton  I did my 30 - 35 minutes and now I am going to write about the walking track and running track.  It is great for me to be able to do this a few times a week.  I do go on my treadmill and it is an effort to get on that dam thing  I have the radio playing while on it and it helps to have music.  I don't like ear buds or earphones in my ears though.  I find the large walking track with the tan and white colored track lines with 4 lanes to walk on is a better way to get fit.  I like the people around me.  The track has been centered around a soccer indoor gym in the middle   Enclosed with floor to ceiling nets.  The facility is for all individuals to use most hours of the day for only 2$. 

 What else can I say about a walking track.  It is called the Nexera Flexihall
(the name Nexera comes from the canola growers around this area or something like that ha!).

  I am trying to write for half an hour.  the clock on the wall reads 12:59 pm  Can I write for at least 15 minutes.  I need a sip of water I will take a picture of my bottled water and bleacher seat after I am done.  I am feeling warm and my face is flushed and most likely it is red.  I always get so red after I exercise.  My heart and liver for years has never been healthy.  My rheumatic fever at 12 years old was a bit of a scare and I was restricted from some gym stuff in Phys Ed I remember quite well.  Rheumatic Fever they say.  I did not know that the strep throat and heart murmur were in conjunction with each other.

  Only 4 people walking on the track now and a couple of classy ladies with silver blond hair are making their walking rounds  They are close to my age is my guess.  They are nice looking young seniors and probably just came back from a hot holiday as one is very tanned but not a tanning bed tan appears to be a sun tan from the sun.  I hope to get some colour on my face in Texas.  Curious as to how the age is hard to detect when the hair is blond  why do blondes look younger?  I think her makeup, when I look quickly her way again, is quite well covered in cosmetics. 

 I am so allowed to nurture my artist (I am supposed to make sure I put in a phrase to honor my writing).   I am also allowed to nourish my muscles.  My shoulder is very good,   I will eventually get it perfect almost.  Even though I don't think at first that the shoulder rolls were helpful they have been very helpful and if I have a set back it seems the shoulder rolls work it through for me.  The rolls were hard to do.

I'm hungry!.. time to have something to eat so I will close now.

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