here I am 
back with the neck and shoulder
which is a life long history book
if anyone cares to read it! lol!

I have lucked out and I am 
sharing my gift from the Universe.

I casually booked a massage before I left for Texas
as the plane seats and waiting and sitting tenses me up.
I walked into the spa and a young woman with
a strong German accent welcomed me and
she said I will be giving you your massage.

As the massage begins and the injured and tight shoulder blades
reveal themselves and my neck with its left bulge on the side
are prominently fighting back with her touch.  

Surprise.... she knows how to fight problems like mine
and she explained that she is here from Germany and trained as a
physiotherapist there and then came to Canada with her husband 2 years ago.

She cannot work as a physiotherapist in Canada until she rewrites exams and pays $7000.00
So ..voila...she is doing massages instead.

the moral of this story is that she has brought 80% movement back in my shoulder and
the bulge on my left side of my neck has been released and tucked back into
the cervical verterbra where it belongs.  I will be going weekly to let her
move everything  back where it should and to make sure it stays relaxed.

Relief! and a new therapy friend!

(sharing my favourite foam roller neck and shoulder movements below)

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