Lone Star snaps

the photos say it all
a good vacation is shopping, zoos, art galleries,
western galleries and museums
and lots of horses,
the cowboy ways',
and this trip had it all!

 Stockyard Hotel Bar

Fort Worth Zoo

I missed photos of the Primates (Gorillas, monkeys, bamboos) and the reptiles!  I never took my
camera out.  I was so amazed with these animals and did not want to miss their movements.  The King Cobra snake and the Burmese Python and the crocodiles were in such natural environments that it would have been difficult to capture them on my small digital.  The Primates were not out and when they did come out it was just for a few moments and the gorilla was sitting quietly against a rock cave so I just watched.

(LongHorn cattle drive through the stockyards)

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Well you know I like the big cats and all the birds you saw are awesome too! Glad you had a good time my friend!
xo Catherine

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