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Moose Jaw hosted the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands
at the Moose Jaw 15 Wing Air Force Base on Friday.
my father-in-law Sir Wilford H. Kirk was a Canadian war vet and war hero in that fight
back in WW II.  
My brother-in-law and his wife came with  of course; so both of Wilford Kirk's sons could be
there to be hosted and to remember the Dutch starvation and tragedies of Holland within that 5 year 
German occupation.

We were provided a tour of the 15 Wing Air Force base by the pilots in training
and 2 of the Snowbirds were available for questions and interviews.

in front of a Snowbirds' plane at 15 Wing Moose Jaw

this pin was handed out to all vets and guests 

very informative and fun tour done by this pilot sitting in the cockpit.
The training is intensive for the pilots and they are required to have a University Degree in any field in order to qualify and enter fighter pilot training here.  They are also constantly being evaluated with in their 12 hour day
in the clsasroom and the 17 missions in the air.  This pilot said his training is almost done and will be
deployed to Portage La Prairie shortly  It is quoted as stating that "this has been the most intense and high pressured thing he has ever been through and will ever go through".

I thought this was a great day and learned some important things to never

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