keep it going

I have been looking back at older posts on this website.  Some of the writings of my earlier posts
tend towards bluntness and sometimes directionless.  I am at an insecure phase right now
about writing and painting. 

What I will say today on this post is that
we all have "blocks" and we keep moving forward but
somehow what we say is not really what we are
thinking.  This may not make sense to you.  It is real for me
now and now that I have reached my goal for this move
to happen and I am here I am closed off as what more
to share with you the reader.  

I have to finish what I started.  I started writing a document that is
personal and it is stored in my closet in the art room.  I opened this closet and took down the accordian folder that I saved it in and started to edit; some of
what I documented on this project needs more mature grammar
and the paragraphs are not completely clear information.

Regina skies

I am now able to share this writing with an editor  and it is making my thoughts about
my immature writing more vulnerable for me.  I was told by a woman who has written several
books through Hay House and other publishing companies that her first publisher/editor reviewed her
writing and asked if she finished high school.  She is now still writing and very successful.

Keep editing and writing and stay calm!


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