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I get my haircut in Regina for the simple reason that I attempted to find a
new stylist here in Yorkton.  This did not happen. I went through 4 of them so 
for a 2 hour drive once a month to see my favourite Regina stylist is fun and rewarding;  and then I pop in to visit family and hit some good coffee shops with my siblings and head to Winners (sweet)
a nice  break.
so this month we were surprised when my mom
fainted in church last Sunday and has been in the
Cardiac Surveillance Unit at the Regina General since
all the
tests  completed;  she finally received an Angiogram Friday
afternoon and then the cardiologist came upon a blocked artery before they even got to look at
her heart and valves.  They did stent surgery on that artery and that was that.
This will hopefully help with her fatigue and anxiousness these past
2 years.  She is well and appreciated her rest in hospital bed while waiting for all
cardiac tests to be completed.

Sis and I at the hospital with mom and dad and my new hair style

(waiting to be called for the next and final tests)

Mom is home now and tired but happy.  I am thinking that
she will have her energy return in a few days.  Our family is encouraging
them to put their name in at the Wintergreen seniors complex in Regina.

My dad walked to the hospital every day as they live a few blocks away.  He got in shape a bit
after several trips.  They are both turning 86 at the end of summer.  Moving is an adjustment however I believe that there will be more relaxation and fun and daily services available in this complex.

Parenting your parents to ease into another phase of life.  It will work out!

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