part-time hobbies

starting a new part-time job
July 6
 and will be
working with my high-school buddy to boot!
She gave me the heads-up on this job
at a local hearing centre
I will be contacting people about future
hearing clinics and booking appointments
I did not enjoy the flower shop, I did not make a connection
with any of the staff so " fun no workee".. (that's my rule) and
no more cleaning flowers, filling pails of water and hauling dirty vases
around and washing them
The experience is always good and i got something from
my short flower shop career - I now know  that flowers are delicate
and alot of work  and expensive!  

It was a soap making morning for me today.  I make soap every 3 months.  It's bright yellow color
comes from the Almond Milk I use instead of water along with Coconut Oil and Olive Oil
We love this soap a Kirkville!

the canoe has been used once so far
we have a lake across the highway from our
place called "Leech Lake" (not for swimming in!).  Brian and I felt  God's presence that
Sunday morning as we we glided on the water, enjoying the scenery and surrounding

What to do with pictures sitting in a box?  I had an old lampshade that is now
displaying some older photos.  I bought a new lamp stand at Value Village and put on
some trim of Washi tape around the shade.  This was fun and every time I turn on this lamp
in our guest bedroom it takes me back to younger days!

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