you won't understand

the unconscious mind
is also the subconscious mind
it sounds better to call it

Since I was 21 years old
I have had back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain, eczema
in that order

I spent $800 on treatments for pain in the
first quarter of this year
I just tallied up my receipts and
mailed the claim to our benefits provider
today.  This is going to not happen anymore!

a few weeks ago I realized that I was saying no to
canoeing and horseback riding because I did not want the pain to
come back again.  You see it just kept coming back.  The shoulder pain and
immobilization and my left leg sciatic were always there ready to
attack.  After 3 treatments with the chiropractor for low back adjustments
and previous 6 massages with Sabrina this year I was good as new.  

But it slowly starts to come back a bit a a time.  
I have been horse riding 5 times and went canoeing once in the last 2 weeks and my TMS
is an awareness and the cure is knowledge!

This book 
Healing Back Pain: the mind-body connection by D. John E. Sarno
(look him up)

was discovered by Carol Tuttle who is the genius behind
Dressing Your Truth/Living Your Truth  profiling who I follow
She wrote about healing her own back pain that was very
debilitating and she discovered this book a few months ago

You will not believe it!
I have TMS
Tension Myositis Syndrome (muscle tension syndrome)

You will not believe it or maybe even understand this book.
The subconscious of my brain did repress my anger and anxiety and this unconscious
part of my mind decided that muscle/body pain is better than the unnecessary emotions
  harbouring and it gets repressed.  Well I am in control now and every time my back starts to ache
or my shoulder gets tight I yell at my brain!  I think about what has been making 
me anxious ; it has been a very subtle emotion , so far , and there are several subtle emotions that come up
once I am aware I start ignoring my aches and hurts and laugh at my brain.
  The ache and tightness goes away.

I know you don't understand it.
It is a a good read.

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