The Value

I am writing in the 3rd person for this post it is easier
to describe my first year.

"She thought she would post about
the events that happened in her new home this
past year.

She thought it would be harder to fit in and
get to know people here.  It hasn't been.

The home is taking shape nicely
and the horses are well and
friends drop in more frequently now.

She was isolated back in the other place.
The windy place.  She had work friends
but never any one dropping in.  She lived several miles
out of the city before.  Now she lives 10 minutes away 
from grocery stores and banks.  She is pleased and is
comfortable.  It must be the right decision to be here.

The lakes are her friend and when they freeze up in winter
they are always welcoming her the next summer.  It is a reassurance for

This is valuable to her soul.  Some friends have fallen away
and it clears her path for more room for herself."

{photo taken at the {Ravine Ecological Preserve}

Her life has value!

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