this is not a post about.....

this is not a post about dropping friends out of my life.  
It is all about getting the message intuitively that this is what needs to be done.  I recognize that some friends a long while back accepted me as their friend right away and I just fell into that relationship without recognizing the value that was not there for me.  I am living a newer life with a very different perspective.  Their lives were not pretty in the end and I got wrapped up and was working hard to understand why they just did not do anything about their mess.  It is none of my business and they are special people to other people and I will not judge them.  I will let them fall away.  I don't want to be a spider!

btw webs have been a real nuisance this summer on our windows and deck and chairs and I am always bumping into a new one

I have sprayed peppermint essential oil all over my deck and pressured washed the
front entrance twice.  Nature wins most of the time.

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