a painting project

We are wanting a new front door
and bought a steel already primed door

We are painting it to a color we matched with
one on display at Home Depot

Brian and I are not "rock-star" painters so we are
taking our time with this because ...it's the front door!

steps to this as per Home Depot door expert are:

1. wash with TSP and water
2. then wipe with water
3. rub down door with rubbing alcohol then DO NOT TOUCH when done
4.  Paint the door, and all 6 sides as well as the door frame. This will prevent warping!

we have custom picked our glass insert (above)

2 coats on this side painted
Brian rolls the paint on with a foam roller after I have done the
trim and sides and hard to reach spots

I will post when we have our door installed!

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