in my spider room

I am here this morning writing my morning pages!

I collect spiders
for my Christmas tree.
read the beautiful story (below) behind the production of these
fun critters for art decor.

The Christmas Spider Legend    A long time ago in Germany, a mother was busily cleaning for Christmas. The spiders fled to the attic to escape the broom. When the house became quiet the spiders slowly crept downstairs for a peek.Oh what a beautiful tree!In their excitement they scurried up the trunk and out along each branch. They were filled with happiness as they climbed amongst the glittering beauty.But alas! By the time they were through climbing, the tree was completely shrouded in their dusty grey spider webs.When Santa Claus came with the gifts for the children and saw the tree covered with spider webs, he smiled as he saw how happy the spiders were, but knew how heartbroken the mother would be if she saw the tree covered with the dusty webs.So he turned the webs to silver and gold. The tree sparkled and shimmered and was even more beautiful than before. That's why we have tinsel on our tree and every tree should have a Christmas spider in it's branches !*author unknown*

after I am done writing this morning
I will pick up my project and finish it!

my third practice weave sample
I found the dowels at Michaels in Regina.
(what would I do without this huge crafty store)

this is for real and I want it as a wall hanging in the TV room
I have more weaving to go yet.

it is raining here and no sunshine for 4 days
I am down with an allergic rhinitis and waiting for my medicated
nose spray to start working; the symptoms are just
like having a bad sinus cold.  It is now day 4 and I was told it can take 4 to 6 days for medication to kick in.
missed last 3 days of my retirement job at Chicken Cow.  I will need to make up the time.
that's okay.  I enjoy my paycheques.

hope your halloween is not rainy and windy like it is here.

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Tommy Kirk said...

I can't wait to see this year's Christmas tree!

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