taking pictures when people are unexpecting it or in my case
I take them before they can get ready for the shot
is not very fair
but it is common with so many of my unedited
and soon to be deleted photos from my memory card

Hey Brian let's take a picture of us walking on the
highway this morning?  click ..too late to answer!

this is the inside of Tom's sunroom he renovated
this summer and they were cutting the boardwalk
and making sections of it inside while it rained

Tom just got out of his PJ's about 10 minutes
ago and was figuring out the game plan that Dad started?

now me, I said to Brian and I got a few seconds
to turn around and pose
you can see the shadow of him taking my picture!
(click shadow photography)

does this blog post even make sense?

okay so here is the rest of the family..

unedited and taken today
this is how horses normally look most of the time, grazing,  heads down

this was fun
hardly any thought was put into this post
but it's a no brainer for you readers!

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Tommy Kirk said...

Rofl this is awesome

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