the real world

we spent 2 days with our son
this weekend
he is a 28 year old man
with a disability of a hearing impairment,
who is living with responsibilities
as a landlord for his renters,
maintaining his mobile home,
working full-time
and driving and maintaining his vehicle,
and throwing in some fun whenever he can

Dad and Tom are replacing the boardwalk today
in his yard and doing it in the rainy cold weekend
to boot!  (I hunkered down inside, I got so chilled standing
out there.) 

Tom has been a volunteer for the annual Windscape Kite Festival in Swift Current since he started coming home from college in the
spring, so at least 5 years, He has helped with kite flying and crafts booth.
He had the perfect volunteer duty this summer as
the splatter paint wall coordinator
they featured his picture at the end of the day in the kite festival brochures and advertising

Tom had a car accident over a week ago and his car was undriveable when all was done, neither drivers were hurt in any way so he is
working through the SGI claims and repair process to get his vehicle back and to hopefully
get his driving safety record sorted out.

I recognize young adults, such as my son, who work hard to receive an
income and live to their full potential but who also deal with road blocks that are always a surprise and
stressful.  I want to give a big "hurrah" out to my son and others his age who are figuring things out and making some mistakes but
still stepping forward each day.

Rock on Tom!

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Tommy Kirk said...

I had a very good weekend with you guys even with the rain and all.

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