Big Red at Horse Expo

We just came back from the Saskatoon Horse Expo on the weekend
it was our first time attending this horse event and
we were impressed!

There was a horse being used as a demo
to have a professional trainer named Jonathan Field
work with her.  This mare was named Big Red. She was
a thoroughbred 7 years old and  off the racetrack.  She was given names,  one example, Bonecrusher,  as she has injured
riders.  A problem horse, she was.  To say the least here, Big Red had issues but this trainer
understood her and knew when to work her hard and  let her rest. 

I just posted a couple of pics here just to show how beautiful and
powerful she was but they do not do Big Red justice.

this was a great horse show and 
could be a regular event for us!

This was our Valentines' gift to each other!

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