chore duty

Mantracker had minor shoulder surgery a week ago and has a right arm sling on for 6 weeks
(he is left-handed so is adapting pretty well)

In the morning I awake and go out and open the corral gate to where the
hay feeder sits.  We let them graze on that until about 5 pm.  Then we are back out
to let them out and give them water and a super treat of oats!  I have to help Mantracker with opening and closing the gate and hauling water.  We do not have a well so there is no water bowls for them to drink from.  Some day we may pipe in from the house water to ease up the manual chore of hauling water.  (Rome was not built in a day)

 The weather has been fantastic and I enjoy these horse duties twice a day.

as for Mr. Mantracker (Hubby) he is doing well and starts physio therapy in two weeks.
He dislocated the right shoulder last July and the tendon had removed itself off the shoulder bone.  Sounds painful but he has no pain with this shoulder surgery fix.  (things happen...)

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