I have type 2 diabetes
I have to check my blood sugar every day
My target number is 6 - 6.5 mmol/l
Type 2 diabetics can be healthy if they maintain their resting blood sugar number between 4.7 - 7 mmol - This MMOl/L reading is: the unit used in medicine to measure the concentration of substances in the blood. 

It is difficult to travel and spend several days holidaying.  Eating out and grabbing food from airport kiosks, not eating 3 regular meals and snacking in between does not work.  You can google all about the foods and snacks that are good for diabetics, however, that metabolism to keep the pancreas and liver functioning better requires the added aerobic exercise.  They recommend walking, jogging, swimming, biking but I find that fast 10 minutes on that treadmill keeps my metabolism going.

After Christmas I started to work on bringing my blood sugar down (and my tummy too) but then my holiday to Hawaii brought me back to end of January with a poor feeling in my tummy and a high resting blood sugar number.  

I have been home now for 6 weeks and have concentrated on bringing my target back to 6.5.

I feel good now as my resting blood sugar in the morning is under 7.  Yeah me!

I have 2 things that are keeping my blood sugar under control:

10 - 12 minutes on the treadmill daily at 3.2 - 3.4 kms  - The required is 30 minutes a day on the treadmill 5 days a week.  I get very sick and sore of that treadmill under that strict guideline so if I do 10 minutes every day, less pressure, fast and quick too.

My protein shake in the morning is the start of my day and consists of:......
blueberries, ISO Femme for women protein powder, a bit of flax and some chi chia seeds
I sometimes add avocado or kiwi fruit to my shake as well.  This really satisfies me and controls my eating for the morning and maintains the daily protein level I need.

I enjoy Yoga once a week
and riding horses,
swimming at the lakes too.
Important Note:  the danger in exercising is it can drop that
blood sugar too quickly and then i feel faint.  Snacks such as cheese,
crackers, fruit, hard boiled egg is a must to have on hand when that occurs.
  It seems I am always eating!

I plan on blogging again in 6 months time to see if I am still following this program
and maintaining my healthy numbers.

thanks for watching!

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