Rocky and I

 Here are couple of pictures I truly love of me and Rocky.  I was learning to ride a horse well and by 2008 I was learning to not be fearful of things and this horse taught me many things.

This is what Rocky taught me:
 I have to get to the point quickly, if i want to walk then rein me in correctly, if I want to trot then lightly bump with my heels and keep that pressure steady.  If I want to lope, let me go but keep the reins ready for when you want to stop, don't hesitate (it confuses me) and let's ride.

Kind of like life to.  

get to the point and say it well
to go faster you have to rein in and pace it so you don't run too hard
if you want to just go, then just do it and enjoy.

Sask Landing 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Rocky and I are doing well.  This horse is now 20 years old and when I started to ride him he was 8 years old.  I still hug him and talk to him and ride him.


Diane Schmidt said...

I've been following your blog. You are a wonderful writer and
a true inspiration. I needed to tell you how much I love these photos. Just beautiful!! Take care. D.

Donna said...

Diane, I appreciate you sharing that with me. I can't live without this blog, it seems. This is a place for me to put things that come to mind and it is always inspired by a photo!

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