a change for my folks

my mom and dad
moved to a new senior's facility
this last week

the downsizing of  their
apartment to this facility required a tremendous
amount of purging of pictures, end tables, 90% of their kitchen equipment,
When the movers came on Friday they were not advised in their agreement
to pack anything.  Just to move the furniture.  My dad panicked
and phoned my brother as at 86 years old that is devastating news.
Mom and Dad had to make very quick decisions on what
to keep and what to take with their treasures on the walls on
shelves, they did not handle that easily and my brother and sister
came over quickly and got the boxes and started to pack everything.
my poor dad thought it was in the agreement to pack up everything.

Moving sucks, and we all think we have gotten rid of stuff and my folks
did do that but not nearly as much
as should of been done

anyhow nothing got packed a head of time and Dad constantly assured us
that the movers were doing it all.  Oh my, it is a good thing that it
did not happen that way and purging was done before they hauled all of it
 into their new suite!

I took the microwave, toaster oven, nesting tables, antique cutlery sterling silverware
set, a quilt, kitchen pottery, soup tureen, eagle antlers, spoon collections, etc

so being officialy moved in
we had tickets 2 days later to take mom to an early
Mother's day tea at the Regina Floral Conservatory

so that is how the the move ended up
and they already seem happy with the new
facility so I hope it continues that way.

Dad is still driving his jeep and he said I sure hope
I will still be driving for a few more years yet!  hmmm maybe?

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