getting it done

The wind makes me restless
not like rain.   When it rains I want
to just sit and read and take naps.
Wind is disturbing and means
change, something is coming, or the
universe is angry.  It just unsettles me.

the headboard/bed frame is completed and installed

I have no idea what this weave is about I just got bored and
started it because it has been 55 km winds here for at least 2 days.

the garden got planted and my hoe has been in use already
to trench the rows.  It is a big job but a satisfying one.  Helps when both of
us work on the gardening together. (a rain now please)

front of house got new grass seeded

This is a Killdeer bird and she has her nest in-between the trees around the house on the black plastic.
We didn't see her until she appeared as a wounded bird (a tactic killdeer use to protect their nest)
I took a picture as she was on her 4 speckled eggs...but she was not happy!

so much to do right now, but we are retired and have the time to do lots of things.
just going to saddle up a horse next!

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Catherine Johnston said...

Seems like an idyllic life! I am interested to see how your weaving turns out - nice project.

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