my son put together this colouring book by collaborating with artists he is connected to on an
art website.  He is donating close to 3 dozen of these books to a couple of hospitals in Saskatchewan.  It took him 3 months to put it all together.  Artists from around the world contributed their drawings, as did Tom.
I  like this!

we have 2 bird boxes with nesting tree swallows!  The sparrows tried to fight their way in
but the hole was a little too small for them (ha ha gotch ya sparrows!)  
I like that!

I have been enjoying walking out to the edge of my little pond pier and enjoying the view of a full
pond of water!  I like that!

It's very fun to talk about what I like.  It's easy!  

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Tommy Kirk said...

That's super to have tree swallows, nice pictures too. They're fairly easy camera subjects since they're more adapted to being around people. Glad you like the colouring book! It looks great so far

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