Mothers Day 2016

my day began with a phone call from my son
(I love that boy)
as he wished me a Happy Mother's Day and said he loved me.  What
more do I need than that.

After that wonderful phone call,
we dressed for a hike and headed to Duck Mountain Prov Park
for a long walk along the beach and down through the baseball diamonds and
picnic areas to the homes and cabins at Jubilee Subdivision and then
back through a hiking trail to the rec centre and back to the lodge.
This was what I planned for my day.  I like to hike!

A fabulous breakfast brunch buffet was waiting for us
at the lodge.  It was very good.

to end the day my husband made super fantastic fluffy
pancakes for supper.  OMG I ate 5!  

I did receive a lavish gift too, a hoe.  Hubby even sharpened it
for me too.  I do like to weed flower beds and gardens it is great
exercise and I got this from my own mother who loved to pull weeds and could not
tolerate seeing them invading the ground.

so here is to hoeing!

Brian wanted me to show how nicely he sharpened the blade!
This will be extremely helpful.

we are planting our first garden since 2012 and
now have the time to look after it so it is something we can do
here is to gardening in 2016!


Tommy Kirk said...

That's awesome, I hope the park was nice and green. It smells like tree sap out here which is very nice. Looking forward to seeing what goes in the garden :)

cgjohnston said...

Donna, sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I look forward to reading updates on how your garden grows!! :)

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