other horse duties

it is deworming time
a tube of cream from the vet or
horse supply centre
keeps the worms away, (they get itchy butts)
if this job is neglected the worms will make them
lose weight and sickly looking

this deworming tube tastes like an apple
so the taste is good

Rocky is a pro at this, as are the other 2 adult horses

Little Red (now called Mr. Z) did okay with it this time

Little Brown (now called Tuko) did not like the idea at all and it took
hubby a bit more time to inject the cream into his mouth.
It's all over now..

Brian does alot of the horse care himself; even a bit of hoof/ferrier work too.
keeps the cost down.

I think this little brown colt (Tuko) is a snappin handsome horse!

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