I'll be bloomed

the lilac shrubs are blooming for the first time
since we have been on this new acreage

walking around the acreage and in between all the shrubs with lilacs blooming
is a sweet smelling trip!

The sweetness of life has its ups and downs too;
this spring has been hard work for me
i mean I have had some low days about myself
It has been almost 2 years since we moved from Swift Current then Regina then to Yorkton
I have appreciated my sincere friends that live close here and visiting with them.

I suppose it is that things are settling in here and alot of work has been
accomplished.  I start thinking about our social life and some days are pretty

I have been writing about my grief journey from years ago
I am now done with writing about it.

I also wrote about my son Graham from when he was born to his tragic end
and once I completed it and my editor/brother-in-law got it organized and edited it, I realized why I wrote this story.   I appreciate what he did and learned about
writing and organization of my story.
Since I wrote my final sad ending it was like a huge weight was lifted.  I have been
working on this autobiography for 6 years.

There are so many who are curious about grief and so many who have lost loved
ones.  I pray for them.

On another note.  I started a fitness program that I was inspired to attempt through my yoga
instructor.  The 21 day fix!   It has been a life changer and I surprisingly feel like I am blooming just like these lilacs are.  Will write about that in another post.

I hope you find a sweet smell in your yard right now!


wordsartlife said...

It sounds as if your writing has helped you through some tough times and it seems as if you have made it to the other side. I am happy to hear that you feel lighter after pouring out your heart in your autobiography. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope you keep sharing them. <3

superiorpapers said...

Pleasing to see some good smelling lilacs out there and this made me remember my days when I used to wander through the rows of lilacs on my grandad's farm.

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