passing the time

last day at Peter Campbell Horse Clinic, in Russell Manitoba
last weekend;
 it was so windy and rainy on this last day.
I am just letting little Tuko eat grass here while
Brian decides when to put the saddle on him without it getting
too wet. It looked
like it was going to clear up.  It did, it actually
stopped raining and the afternoon went on beautifully.

I was a fashion statement in the morning as I was watching
the horses and trainers in the rain. Glad it cleared up for Brian and Tuko's session.

i went for a walk tonite and decided to walk with my friend Rocky.
we walked up and down the lane and around the yard and the arena and around
the house.  I talked and Rocky listened.  No feedback (loved it)

{alot of selfies above.... I'm not vain?}

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