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the weave that I had no idea where it was going ended up like this

I used some left over orange and brown wide ribbon to weave through
as it gets tedious weaving all the way up to the top

I like it;
now to take it off this loom,
tricky part

I much prefer it if my weaves stay attached to a frame
or a border  (not like below)

I am bored with the loom weaving and attempting a wreath weave
if it turns out, I will post the result.

here are my
flowers on the deck

 and deck steps

 changing feeding pastures is always exciting for these guys

Ben, he can't really lope or canter much, so he does fast short trotting steps {sigh}

so that is my stuff for today!


Tommy Kirk said...

You camera takes beautiful sky pictures *_*

wordsartlife said...

Donna, I love your weaving! I've always wanted to try that — maybe it will be my next project. Your photos are gorgeous — the wide open, blue skies, the lovely flowers on your deck — they make me happy!! Hope you're having a wonderful day and evening! :)

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