Chaotic prayer for Nice

O Heavenly Father
This devastation in Nice, on Bastille Celebrations Day, and
all over the world leaves me so detached.  I want to feel more for this horrible chaos.  What can I do to help? Give me your messages for kindness and to reach the unreachable humans with twisted sickness in their brains their perceptions on life, their life.  Only way I can stop it is to pray?  Sending money helps after the deaths, after the poverty.  This innocent country, so many countries are now reaching my heart, it is starting to glow with love for all of man and woman and child who have fear and hunger in their bodies.  
Give me the words Lord so I can write about my melting heart so I can reach out with impact.
I cannot understand
I am no longer detached
I pray 
In Jesus Name

To feel grateful for small things when
World events are clipping at my thoughts of helplessness
Do we just keep being grateful?

1 comment:

wordsartlife said...

Thanks for sharing your prayer, Donna. I have no words to describe the immense sadness I feel for the state of the world...


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