fire session

some days I do not recognize my gifts of being and I do enough!

so here is my thing....

 drink coffee in a.m.
writing 3 pages in morning pages
read a daily scripture or write my own prayer
make Shakeo and drink it also include
w/2 glasses water
dress to sweat and hit play
2 more glasses of water
eat breakfast and plan meals
sit on deck as much as possible
make bed sometime in morning
post on my blog/FB
sometimes shop for groceries
better yet read when I can
which is quite a bit
write an article if inspired by moment(s)
talk to horses

I enjoy an hour or two of lazin' too

the fire starts inside
when a day goes by and I never stop to wonder
 am I bored? or I feel complete?
I write what I did that day
it starts in the morning just like I said
and the day builds from there 
but it has to start with writing, drinking,
sweating and planning!

 Did I mention I love purple?


Tommy Kirk said...

I love that selfie, you look absolutely fabulous and much more alive. Also love the shirt you have on! <3

wordsartlife said...

Donna, sounds like you have wonderful days full of love, serenity, and strength! I love reading your posts and seeing your photos! They are inspiring.

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