neck meditating

slowed down today
checking out my neck
working on meditating
to ensure relaxation is available
this is my favourite window to sit by
it faces south and it's in my creative room (love)!

Doctor prescribed bedtime med to help relax
the tightness in my neck.  Try it for 30 days he says,
I've lasted for 11 days and tucked the bottle away for now.
It helped moderately which is pretty good.

I have overstretched and injured the muscle(s) somewhere
in my neck many many moons ago, tends to get 
so so so tight and then it tightens up my shoulder muscles
and bam!  I got problems.

feels so much better today
my beachbody workouts are helping strengthen
my shoulder and pecs but the danger is
keeping the weights too heavy (only 1 pounders right now)

just an issue that has slowed me down alot
in my life

wrote a prayer this morning so I can be assisted in
keeping my neck muscles relaxed

that's my nit and grit complaint today
being aware of it and having support from my
doctor and therapists helps.

yoga class tommorrow will help it even more

any peeves of grief in your body
that keeps coming  back?

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